The challenges of our time are solved with technology.

We are living in one of the most exciting, but also most challenging times: Digitalization and technological development are changing the way we live, work and how we communicate.

It is essential to carry people along in this development.

Mag. (FH) Anja Herberth


Many technological solutions are already possible, but are not yet implemented on the market or demanded by consumers. Essential parts of the value chain are missing on the market. 

It is important to introduce people – consumers, employers and employees – to these technologies and allay their fears of them.  


Spread the word! I am happy to be available for presentations and discussions on the following topics:

  • Results of the market survey: Strengths and Learnings from COVID & what skills are missing in the labor market? 
  • Using domestic workforce potential: Inspiring new target groups for technology.

Develop networks

In the future, it will be essential to develop systems that network and collaborate with each other – with maximum capacity.

This means that cooperation and collaboration will become more important in the future. The right interdisciplinary teams and collaborations need to be established.


One of the biggest challenges, but also opportunities in times of skilled worker shortage: Re-qualification and diversity in companies. 

Companies which allow diversity and are permeable for new target groups will have an advantage in the market: They can better use the domestic labor market potential. This includes target groups such as women, older workers and people looking for work who are no longer sufficiently qualified.


Diversity in companies is a great opportunity for companies. They can close the gap left by the shortage of skilled workers on the labor market and thus gain a sustainable advantage against competitors.

In order to be able to use this market advantage, companies need a cultural change and a reduction of prejudices and barriers. 


COVID has changed a lot of things: The way we communicate, the way we live and work. There is a clear shift towards e-commerce in all target and age groups. 

To make competent decisions, you need data. Together with partners, I implement your customized market survey.

Further reading

Market survey: Strengths through COVID & lack of qualifications on the labour market

The pandemic has triggered changes that would normally have taken years. The way we live and work has changed massively. In this market survey, I analyze 35 qualitative interviews with managers along the Smart Buildings value chain to examine which strengths companies have developed through COVID and which qualifications are lacking on the labor market.
The market survey depicts the challenges that companies face - but also outlines which solutions are possible.

Speaker Profile

It is important for me to discuss the challenges of the future.

Future Forum Connected Buildings

The buildings of the future are intelligent, digitally connected and reduce our resource consumption. With Connected Buildings, we want to help local companies - regardless of their size - to discover the future market of smart buildings. By developing regional services, even small, regionally operating companies can develop their future in this new sector.

The goals of our initiative are cooperation and networking of companies along the value chain as well as the positioning and visibility of smart building technologies in public.